You are to blame…

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You are to blame…

You are to blame.

If you fail to continue learning in life.

If you fail to push yourself everyday.

If you quit before even trying.

If you assume because it’s never been done by you, it CAN’T be done by you.

If you still hold onto who you were in your past.

If you allow what others perceive you to be affect who you really are.

If your kids learn nothing because you were taught nothing.

If the chain that linked itself to your hitch, links itself to your children as well.

If you fall and don’t get back up.

If you never become you at its full potential like you’re supposed to.


Stop looking for excuses to run.

Stop saying, I’ll just have someone do it for me.

Stop saying, I DON’T KNOW HOW.

Start saying, “let me see if I can do this…”

Mechanical problems with cars are one of my biggest fears.

Why? Because they usually cost a lot at the wrong time when you don’t have it.

And because I don’t know how to fix them usually.

I’ve stopped that stupid game with myself and started putting myself to the test.

Try and figure this out before you just throw money at it and I’ve done it now a few times.

After a week of a squealing serpentine belt, I finally got the courage to read up and watch videos on how to fix it.

Yesterday, I bought it…removed the old one and replaced it myself along with my son Jordan.

We learned together…

It’s okay he sees I don’t know how to do everything and that some things make me nervous…

But it’s also important he sees me try whether I fail or succeed.

Don’t be the one to blame for your failures and shortcomings…

Love Y’all, God Bless. #raymolina #theperfectmesspod #podcast