This Road.

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This Road.

This road.

This road I’ve been on hasn’t always been paved.

In fact for most of my life it’s been full of dirt, ditches and rocks.

There were times I felt I knew where it was all leading me to…now I realize I had no clue.

I’m like most, I seem like I know what I’m doing and where I’m going…

But to be honest, I’m a soon to be 49 year old in a cowboy hat laughing at myself in the mirror…

Why you might ask?

Because once again I find myself shedding who I once was and transitioning into something different

How can you not laugh?

We spend most of our young lives trying to please everyone and avoiding the dreaded; “you’ve changed” comment

And the rest of our adult lives not giving a damn because we’ve finally become comfortable in our own skin…

And change? Well, we’ve finally realized change is inevitable and that it’s exactly what we’re supposed to do…Change

Right now the only things I know for sure are the following; I love my children more than ever…GOD is always first for us and  I’m supposed to be right where I’m at…

I’m sure of it and it’s a special place

I’m not asking any questions, I’m just doing and being…

I don’t know if that makes any sense to any of you, but I’m more present than I’ve ever been

This road is never promised to be smooth and when it’s rocky and unpaved it’s not a forever thing either…

Wherever your current road is taking you and whatever condition it is in, I pray you stay the course…

Because it will turn, it will curve, and it will leave you broke down on the side of the road at times

But then it will also get you to where you need to be for that particular season of your life 

And when it does, be present…embrace it and don’t shy away from the changes coming your way

Because all of this is part of the story of your life, make sure when it’s told…it’s real, it’s authentic, it’s painfully honest and more importantly it’s YOU.

God Bless,

Ray Molina

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