The Times I Forgot...

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The Times I Forgot...

The times I forgot.


To say thank you for the little things

The ability to use my hands to earn a living

Designing, Painting, Lifting, Hammering

My legs to kneel and work, run and train, squat to lift

My back to carry my kids, equipment and tools

My feet to balance for all those things

For a clear mind to continue learning into my 50’s after some very dark times

A heart strong enough to keep me pushing everyday but more importantly to love and feel loved 

Eyes to see there is so much more to life if I stay focused on growing and you

Ears to listen and be attentive to the lessons you provide me everyday

A mouth to speak life into my children and those I mentor and coach

I thank you for the air in my lungs that give me life

For another day and for another chance

A chance to be better than yesterday

For breaking down my self imposed walls to let love in again

For using me when I felt useless

Thank you for making me strong again

And for making me the man I saw in the mirror but could never bring to life

Thank you Jesus.

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