The Bleachers.

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The Bleachers.

When the boys began playing sports…my life changed

My competitive gene came back…the fire I had as a kid was re-lit

I noticed something immediately at practices and games

Dads were disengaged and off in another world

Most were out of shape, out of touch and face down in their phones

Their kids on the other hand were training, playing, competing and hoping Dad didn’t miss a play

I despised it, in fact it brought me back to a very dark place

I remembered looking at the stands and seeing nobody or just my mom

I remember the feeling of wishing someone was watching me as I tried my very best to compete

I coach Baseball now, but when my boys played their one and only season of tackle football I was 5 months into a divorce

Life was in a tailspin but what was clear was this…

I’m not going out like these dudes in the bleachers

I’ve got something to offer and it started with me getting “ME” right first

Then once I was right, I could take the next step and that was to to teach, mentor and yes, Coach

I know it was evident to others because I never spent a day in the bleachers from that point on

Every time I showed up, I was pulled in to help because word travels about former ballers, coaches and leaders

Active Dad’s stand out…

They show interest, they have input, they volunteer

More importantly they are the example because physically they are fit and sharp

When those two things are true, your words do not fall on deaf ears…they are valued

You mirror discipline, so when you preach it…they listen because you are walking the walk

I have been coaching for quite some years now, some by choice others by request

But one thing holds true and my son said it best…”Dad, why do you even bring a bleacher seat? You always end up in the dugout coaching…”

He’s right, and trust me…the view is much better from the dugout…

You can have the bleachers cause one things for sure, this Dad was built to Coach…

God Bless, Ray… #raymolina #theperfectmesspod #podcast #thebleachers