Push your limits

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Push your limits

Push your limits.

Let your children see you push your limits

Show them you are not afraid to fail in front of them

Because whether you succeed or not, they know it’s ok either way but imperative that you do it

Yesterday I went from 70lbs each arm to 80lbs each arm on dumbbell press (1st time)

I asked them to stay clear in case I needed to bail, but I succeeded

I was ok with failing, but I knew it was time for me to go up in weight…the attempt would’ve been good enough

In turn, they saw me succeed and the lesson without words was simple…

Push yourself, sometimes the boundaries we have up are self imposed

I took notice as they quietly went up a little in reps and weight while doing the following stations later that day

Lifting heavy things at my age is great for bone density, because bones get weaker as we age

I’m just glad God put me in position with perfect timing as always

Because now, I’m being used to teach my children about all of this when it’s most crucial

I hope this motivates you as a Father to go out and go harder if not for you; for them.

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