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My pride has been tested so much these last few months.

Even more so this month, the final month of 2022.

It use to run my life, but now it’s just something I know I have to tussle with every now and again.

There are times when Pride is good.

Then there are times where Pride is going to not only work against you but the people you love as well.

This battle isn’t for the weak, there are days I have to sit in complete silence and pray.

Pray for guidance, patience and for some sort of understanding as to why I’m having to deal with certain things.

There are days I want to come out of my skin and explode.

Those days, I stay away…usually end up at the gym alone and trying to work through it.

Here’s a better one, when you see me doing something extreme with regards to fitness, that’s usually one of those days.

Often times that means I stay away from people, off social media etc. to avoid any unnecessary interactions that may trigger me.

A lot of this stems from being a man raising two boys who are growing so fast and who’s needs are growing even faster.

This is hard. But as is life…

I didn’t make it this far because life was easy.

Pride is Powerful, but do yourself a favor…keep it in your back pocket, not on your sleeve and only pull it out when absolutely necessary.

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