…New Career?

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…New Career?

…New Career?

I often do “manly” stuff in crocs to show the easily offended that I’m not totally full of toxic masculinity…

There’s still hope for me

All jokes aside, I am enjoying this chapter of my life…

And yes, I have to admit…(whispering) I enjoy my crocs too…

I have done so many things in my life to earn a living and I can say right now…I am at my happiest

I am using my hands to work with wood, but also my creative side

I went to trade school for graphic design, fell in and out of love with it

Now that schooling has transferred to physical wood work and design

Yes, I flip furniture…

But I also, repair, refinish, rejuvenate

I have something for those in need of something cheap but fully functional and in great shape..

And then I have something for the collectors who love to see something vintage brought back from the dead…

I was asked if this was a new career and my answer is simple

The word “career” is as outdated to me as a 9 to 5, a job someone holds for 20+ years or a resume that tells a company what your worth hourly/annually

I know it’s not a traditional way of seeing life and what one does for a living

But I have used my life to compile as many skills as possible, more so over the last 6 years than ever before

This world changes so fast now…in the blink of an eye it’s altered and what we thought was “normal” is no longer

Adaptation is paramount to me

I’m going for my Notary State Exam next month…New Career?

No, just another skill for the utility belt of my life…

2 Key Words…”My Life”

Do whatever sets your soul on fire and when the flame goes out, find the next thing and do that…

But never stop learning..

God Bless, Love Y’all..

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