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Morning Talks…

Morning Talks…

I’m starting to realize more of what I missed out on growing up

See, I have these small talks about important things with my son every morning as I drop him off at high school

Things to look out for, how to move, how to be himself and that he can ask me anything he wants with no judgement

I know at times they can be redundant, but I hope he understands it’s because I love him and want to assure him I’m here at all times to guide or just listen

We’re now at the fist bump faze where I get one before he leaves (and I’m ok with that, he’s a young man now)

I respect him for it, ain’t nothing cool about the hug and kiss on the cheek in HS, kids are brutal to each other at times

Today when I dropped him off, I realized how bad I needed these morning talks with my Dad

I felt an emptiness in my heart as I drove to the gym

I was such a confused kid growing up and was never a leader; I followed for the better part of my childhood

I adapted to whoever I was hanging out with at the time…whatever they were; I was

I struggled to fit in, I struggled with girls and how to handle the things coming my way

I needed guidance, I needed answers and I needed to know that the best thing for me to be was ME, that’s it

I needed someone to help show me what confidence looked like

I needed a Dad who told me I was great, I was a leader, I was strong and when I didn’t feel I was any of those things I could go to him and he’d show me examples of how I was

I love and hate my childhood both at the same time because it made me the man I am today (a strong father) but it also left me some pretty serious damage

I look at my life as a classic car however…

Yea, she’s got some damage…but the frame is great, she runs well, she may need a tweak here and there to keep her running…but her engine is strong and that’s what matters

We’re all damaged, as we get older we reflect (and if you don’t, you should)

Life takes you back a bit, reveals things to us

I think it does that to remind us of how far we’ve come so we don’t get discouraged

And well….maybe so we give ourselves a little more credit for who we’ve become and the work we’ve done to get here

God Bless,
Ray Molina

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