Moments I Never Had

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Moments I Never Had

Moments I never had.

There are a lot of photos of my boys and I doing a variety of things together.

Some may seem normal to some of you and others may seem a bit extreme.

What should be understood is this; 95% of these moments caught on camera are moments I never had with my own Father.

Some are me teaching, others are us literally learning together for the first time.

In this photo, my son Jordan and I are putting on a new guide rail for a dresser drawer that we made from some old wood I had.

I’ve never been a wood guy, I just took a shot and realized it was something that clicked easily for me.

I learn as I go, and as I learn he learns (they learn) both my sons.

Dads listen, you don’t have to always “know” or have the “answers”…you just need to show them you aren’t afraid to try something and fail a few times till you get it right.

Which brings me this; I repaired my car the other day again using tools and gadgets I had never used…told my son, I did it! I’ll be there in a bit.

He texted me back, “Who needs a mechanic when we have you Dad?”

Now I’m no mechanic but I’ll be damn if that didn’t warm my heart and bring a tear to my eye.

I promise, if you try…if you aren’t afraid to fail and if you believe in yourself…your kids will too.

You can and will be their own personal super hero…

And when that happens, tell Superman to have a seat; you got this from here on out.

I love y’all, God Bless.

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