Lost in the pages

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Lost in the pages

Something about reading that took hold of me some years ago…

If you’re ever around me, I promise you I have a book on me or in my car

I started reading to get my mind off my life to be honest

I wasn’t in a good place and reading took me away from it all

I use to fall asleep anytime I picked up a book

Then I realized I was reading the wrong books

I began picking books that inspired me

Some on self help then a bunch on people who destroyed their lives and bounced back even better

I bought me a small book bag and carried a book, pencil, highlighter with me at all times

And any chance I got, I got some reading in…whether it be a page or two or 10

My reading intensified when I did #75hard for the first time during the pandemic

10 pages a day wasn’t enough so I read more and finished four books in 75 days

My hunger for learning and expanding my way of thinking grew and continues to grow today

Now you’ll catch me reading in the sauna at 180° dripping sweat but knocking out pages

I firmly believe reading has made me a better person

It’s also influenced my sons to do the same

Audiobooks are great but technology aside, there is nothing like holding a book and getting lost in the pages

If you haven’t read in a while, revisit it sometime…especially if you’re in a rough patch

It is so relaxing and part of what has brought peace to my life…

Stay Blessed Ya’ll

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