I’m Proud of You.

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I’m Proud of You.

I’m Proud of you.


Ever thought about all the things that should’ve destroyed you and didn’t?


Have you ever wished that the younger you and the you now could sit and have a conversation?


Take a minute and think; what do you think that conversation would be like?


Today, that conversation happened in my head as I was leaving a job.


And to be quite honest, I got a little emotional.


Because the conversation started out with a simple, “I’m proud of you”.


I’m proud that you never gave up.


I’m proud that you’re still learning.


I’m proud you let go of the past.


I’m proud you accepted your failures and admitted your wrongs.


I’m proud you didn’t bottle everything up and chose to live openly without fear.


I hope you know your kids are proud of you as well.


They’re proud of how strong you’ve become and I hope you know that it’s taught them to be strong.


I’m proud you gave GOD the leading role in your life.


And remember those nights you begged him to take away your anger and pain; to make you stronger…?


He answered; and by the way, He too is proud of you…


Reflection is important, think about this conversation for yourself…


This is for you, the survivor, the one who never gave up, the overcomer…


The one who now inspires & the one who leads by example…


Remind yourself why you should be proud of the person you have become, and the person who is still evolving every day…


I love you guys…God Bless

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