Hustle & Fellowship.

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Hustle & Fellowship.

Hustle & Fellowship.

All my life I’ve been known as a hustler.

I’ve always wore multiple hats at every stage of my life, it has always been like that.

Because of that, I have a small circle of friends who do the same and are self employed.

I often (as I’ve shared) venture off and join them to not only help, but learn.

I’m always learning and I’ll be that way till GOD brings me home.

But here’s the thing…

When you’re my age, getting together with your friends becomes difficult for various reasons.

Marriage, Kids, Job, Life in general…

It’s part of growing up…don’t take it personal, it is what life is…busy.

Which is why I am noticing my time hustling side by side with my brothers/my friends is so much more.

It’s a time to catch up, reflect and even build for the future.

All while hustling and making money to provide for our families.

Often times our days end with long conversations in a work van parked in a parking lot.

Some days we laugh at how crazy life is and the things we’ve done.

And some days we break down because life’s been kicking us around a bit.

But we always, and I do mean always…give it to GOD.

For our blessings and for bringing us together.

Life is hard y’all, it was never supposed to be easy.

I wasn’t born or raised with any blood brothers.

But what I have is something special…

And that’s Brothers In Christ.

And we aren’t perfect, we fall short everyday and we’re flawed…

But we’re flawed followers of Christ.

I love the grind and I love the hustle…

But I love it more when it’s with my brothers.

Hustle & Flow?

Naw, Hustle & Fellowship. (Get you some)💪🏼🙏🏼

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