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Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame

Often times I wish I could freeze the moment because it’s perfect; especially with a photo like this…

I know one day not too long from now, holding my children like this won’t be a thing

They’ll be grown and working their way through their own journey

A journey that I hope I’ve done everything in my best capability to help prepare them for

You don’t really know love until you love someone more than yourself…and for me, that lesson came as a Father

I’ve loved a woman before but the love for a child supersedes all of that

I’ve never wanted to be the best version of me more than when I became a Father

Everyday I operate with the end in mind…

What will they say about me when I’m gone?

Will they tell their children how Grandpa raised them and all the lessons he gave them?

Will they say how much I loved them, put them 1st before everything?

More importantly, will they talk about how I showed them what GOD can do for them by the changes I made?

I don’t know…but what I can say is this…

Parenting is difficult, not all days are like this photo

Some days you can’t be in the same room with each other because you’re banging heads

Others are so smooth you wish you could freeze the moment in time

No two days are the same…

So cherish every moment, love like there is no tomorrow and give them the best version of you…they deserve it

Because one day, they will tell you…”Dad, I got it…”

And at that moment…you’ll remember days like this…

God Bless 👨‍👦‍👦❤️🦁 #raymolina #theperfectmesspod #podcast #freezeframe #fatherhood #molinaboys