Across this table.

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Across this table.

Across this table.

I use to see my baby boy across this table.

Someone I had to tuck under my wing to protect from this crazy world.

One who I would hold up in the shower and sing to.

And one who would end my night falling asleep on my chest with his little baby snores.

Now, when I look across this table I see a beautiful strong young boy.

One who has personality, opinions, confidence and tough questions for me.

Our conversations are deep now and no longer as sheltered as they once were.

Now, you ask me directly…”Dad, why this or how come that?” And you remind me that I always say you can ask me anything…

I just didn’t think it would come this fast son…

You share things with me about school and the things you think about.

Things that bother you and things you want to do in life…

And then ask me about my childhood and what that was like

We talk about love and heartbreak

Success and failure 

And somehow it leads me to ask you…”after hearing my stuff…do you think I’m doing alright?”

And you touch my hand and say, “Dad you’re doing great I’m proud of you…”

Across this table I see wisdom, strength and power…probably something you don’t even realize yet.

I thank God for you and your brother everyday

I hope you see the same when you look….

Across this table…

Love you Son ❤️

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