A Love Like This…

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A Love Like This…

I have often asked myself what I wanted out of Love in my next chapter

This month made 6 years since my divorce and I can tell you one thing…

My thoughts on Love and what I want have changed more times than I can count

I’ve watched people go from relationship to relationship after their own divorces or break ups

I’ve seen some work but most fail

I’ve dated…some good, some bad, some just plain ol’ whatever

For the most part I’ve played it low key

So low at times that I went celibate for 13 months which was wild

But today as I was preparing to leave the gym I snapped this…

An elderly couple easily in their late 60’s early 70’s hugging walking out after a work out

What you don’t see is how this man came up behind her with a big smile and put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek

Then they walked out like this…

I want whatever the two of them are sharing right now, today

I want a love like that

Where we push each other to be great everyday even in our old age

Where we acknowledge that tomorrow isn’t promised

Where we both decide we are going to grow old and “strong” together to get the most out of this life

A life GOD has blessed us with

I want a Love that stands strong through all trials

And; I want a Love that will make a young man snap a photo of us, just like this and say, “If Love isn’t like this…I don’t want it”

I love y’all, GOD Bless ❤️🙏🏼

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