Completed Book 7/11/21 - Black Out by Candace Owens

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Completed Book 7/11/21 - Black Out by Candace Owens

Well, if you are into controversial books. Books that may go against what you've been taught your entire life...this may well be the book. Candace Owens has a very different take on black history, current black struggle and politics. She's a hardline Republican (I am loyal to no political party - for those wondering) which in most peoples eyes is strange for any person of color. (I however don't think it is)

I like Candace. I like her charisma. I like her passion and more importantly...I like the fact that she isn't afraid to stand on a hill and say, "this is my take on all of this and I will not apologize". I like it. Yes, even if there are things I may not agree with...I am a fan of people who don't budge on something they believe in. No apologies needed, at least not for me.

For those of you unfamiliar with her name, she is one of driving forces behind the "Cancel Chrissy Tiegen" movement and also, a woman most would love to see run along side former President Donald Trump should he run again in 2024. Yea, a lot going on here right?

She's been called every sell out name you can think of as I am sure you can imagine. As is any person of color who decides to use their own brains, do some research and decide what's best for them (lord forbid that goes agains the norm)...careful, you could get cancelled.

Look, this book is raw. It questions everything you think you know about slavery, how it started, who ended it and where it still goes on today (yes, today). It also digs into the areas of victimhood and the narrative that is being sold to every person of color still to this day that we continue to buy into because we are told things that make us "feel good". 

Bottom line, I enjoy reading things that push me to think out the box. So, if you are like'll enjoy this book. Even if you end the book in disagreement, take solace in the fact that you read something that questioned your way of thinking. Enjoy...

Here is a purchase link: Black Out - Candace Owens