Completed Book 12/23/21 - Becoming a Barbarian by Jack Donovan

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Completed Book 12/23/21 - Becoming a Barbarian by Jack Donovan

What's the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words Well, here's my picture.

I've known about Jack for quite some time and at the request of a friend I was asked for an opinion on this book as it was considered super controversial. The only way to give valid 'respected' input is to read it; so I bought it used...(so the author didn't make any money.

For new comers, one only needs to head over to Jack's wikipedia to see that he has been involved in numerous different movements of the extreme fashion. He comes off as a well spoken, well written author but his track record shows confusion, denial and running from movements he once claimed when called out.

For someone who speaks on masculinity the way he does, it's amazing to know he has danced on the gay side of the world a bit as a man but some how says he doesn't support the LGBTQ Community. Reason? They are destroying masculine men and it is ok to be masculine, gay and be with one another. All in the same breath...he downs women with rhetoric of needing to know their place. 

You get that from his wiki page and readings he's published. But here's the most disturbing part about this particular book...this is the kind of book that if it lands in the hands on some young kid or a weak man whose lost and looking for a home he'd cling to it. He may also believe everything he's reading without reading between the lines or should I say the lacking the skill to read between the lines.

See, this book IMO is very deceiving to an unskilled reader. There is underlying hate, racism, separatism, extremism of all types but it isn't clear to the novice reader. Jack is good, I mean real good. And I have browsed his socials and see men of all ages blindly following and hanging onto his every word on paganism, masculinity and everything in between. 

A book like this, for someone like me who is non-religious but follows GOD cannot and will not remain in my home. Hence the's better fried.